How to self publish a children’s book with Kristy Nita Brown

How to self publish a children's book

Today’s guest is a Junior Fiction Author from Western Australia. She’s an indie author with a real go-getter attitude. Her debut chapter book is Looking for Lily, about a group of awesome headbanging little rockers called Sprites. Your going to love these little guys.

To tell us all about them, and all about her amazing journey in the industry and what she’s learned self publishing her book, please give it up for the energetic, lively and wonderful person that is Kristy Nita Brown. 

Looking for LIly

To find out more about Kristy and her amazing work, you can click on her website here.

Looking for Lily illustrator: Alison Mutton

Alison Mutton is an illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia. She holds a BA with Honours in Design from Curtin University –  majoring in Illustration.

Alison also does design work. She specialises in children’s illustration, including fairytale-style fantasy and historically-inspired illustration, but she can produce almost anything if she puts her mind to it. She’s never been beaten by a commission yet!

You can check out Alison’s website and details here.


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