It’s Cool to Be Kind with Sophie Beer

How to write what you’re passionate about

Today’s guest is an award-winning author/illustrator who thinks a lot about plants, animals, books and equality. And, when she’s not thinking about these things, she’s turning them into wonderful, kind-hearted, soulful expressions of art and amazing picture books. Her latest book with Hardie Grant is four beautiful books in one (now there’s a deal for you). And, I can’t wait to talk about it with her.

She’s popped in today to share her creative journey with us and reveal her thoughts on finding your hook and writing about your passion.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a welcoming cheer for the wonderful, incredibly talented and beautiful human being that is Sophie Beer. Woo-hooo!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Sophie Beer: to find out more about this wonderful creator, click on website here.

Cool to be Kind: For more information about this amazing book, click here.

For Your Eyes Only: For more info about this book by Joanne Rocklin, click here.


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