I am not a worm - a taco's book review


I’m a Caterpillar!

When Caterpillar gets called a worm, he takes offence, ‘I am not a worm!’ he says.
‘Are you sure?’ says Chameleon
‘Quite sure!’ says Caterpillar, ‘I’m a caterpillar.’

When next they meet, Caterpillar is now a butterfly.


I’m not a Caterpillar!

‘Hello Caterpillar,’ says Chameleon.
‘I’m not a caterpillar!’ says butterfly.
‘But I thought you said you were a caterpillar?’


I’m a butterfly!

At first, Chameleon doesn’t seem to believe it. But in the end Butterfly convinces Chameleon that he is a butterfly. And, personally, I’m so glad he did.

This is a funny book with a wonderful read out loud quality and great dialogue between the two critters. The illustrations complete the book – both characters come into their own through some amazing expressive pictures.
This is so easy to read and follow that it drew me in straight away and had me laughing quite a bit at the end. 


  • This book won the Storylines Notable Book Award
  • Was a finalist in the NZCYA Book Awards for Best Picture book
  • And Longlisted for the Russell Clark Illustration Award



Title: I am not a worm!
Author & Illustrator: Scott Tulloch
Publisher: Scholastic, New Zealand, 2014