Ig Pig and Og Frog by Sophie Burrows


Ig Pig and Og Frog book review


Best Buddies Forever!

Meet Ig Pig and Og Frog. They were best friends who did everything together – Splashing in the lake. Eating worm burgers. Playing in a super-cool, crazy-loud Rock Band. They were inseparable, until …


Meet Bog Frog

Og Frog found himself a girlfriend named Bog, who seems really lovely (if you’re into green warty frogs), and Og really liked hanging out with her. Problem was, Ig was not happy. Ig didn’t like Bog hanging around and felt as though Bog had changed everything. So, Ig decided to leave.


Ig was all alone

Ig hilariously tried to recreate his own Og (much like Wilson the volleyball in the movie Castaway), but that wasn’t working for him. So, he huffily went back to look for Og.


Mmm Worm Burgers!!!

 When Ig caught up with Og, Og was cooking up a delicious feast of worm burgers, lemonade, and cake. What a combo! When Ig, Og and Bog all started jamming to some hard rock music, Ig discovered that Bog was an awesome lead singer. Soon, he was having so much fun, he forgot he was being cross.

Throw in some awesome and energetic illustrations, and this is one book that will have kids of all ages rockin’ out and jumping for joy!



 Author/illustrator: Sophie Burrows

Publisher: David Finkling Books, GB, 2020


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