I’m going to eat this ant – tacos review

I’m going to eat this ant.

Anteater is considering eating an ant. But he’s sick of simply slurping. He’s going to eat his ant with a bit more flair, creativity and flavour.

Brought to you by the letter S, Anteater considers every scrumptious way of eating up an ant: served in a sandwich, simmered in soup, squished in a sausage, speared on a stick, sliced, stir-fired, sautéed or sun-dried. But there is only one problem with any of these lip-smacking culinary options.

Ant doesn’t want to be eaten at all

Typical of ants. They’re so annoying. This particular ant, and his mates, concoct a plan to get out of being eaten and have a little fun with Anteater at the same time.  

This is definitely worthy of the funniest book list. I love the well-crafted illustrations of the ant being all the different types of food, especially the expression on the ant’s face. This is a picture book for all ages. And, hilarious when read out loud, particularly the last few pages!


Category: Picture book – 32 pages

Author/Illustrator: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, London

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