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Importance of Process over success – an interview with Ann James.

Today’s guest is a pioneer of children’s illustration and literature in Australia. With over 70 books, a plethora of awards and over 40 years of working with the Australian book community, she is a mentor and inspiration to some of our greatest writers and illustrators.

She’s popped in today to discuss the importance of ‘process’ rather than success. This is a hugely important topic. And really, who better to talk all about it than the legend herself, the wonderful Ann James. Woo-hooo!

Ann Haddon

Ann Haddon was a teacher librarian for 18 years, establishing the Yarra Valley Grammar School Junior Library before collaborating with Ann James to set up Books Illustrated. Actively involved in children’s literature, an executive member of the Children’s Book Council, President of the Victorian Branch and Vice President of the National CBCA Executive in 2007 & 2008.
Ann is involved with the Melbourne Book Market and projects with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Ann received the Pixie O’Harris Award for services to Australian children’s literature in 2000.

Ann Haddon interview at Reading with a chance of tacos

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  1. Thank you for the chance to spend time with you two luminaries, and be informed and entertained.

  2. Lovely to hear Anns story, after recently re-connecting with her. Childhood friends from about 64 years ago! Good on you Ann xx

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