Haylee Hackenberg interview at reading with a chance of tacos

Interview with Haylee Hackenberg

Today’s guest is a copywriter who’s passionate about getting kids excited about literature. Her first picture book is such a lovely foray into the genre. She’s popped in today for a taco and to share her journey to publication, along with her inspiration and how she went about writing the amazing picture book Daisy and Bear and the very ordinary day. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Haylee Hackenberg. Woo-hooo! Hi Haylee thanks so much for joining us today.

The lay of the land

We go back to Anouska Jones from EK Books to round out from our Kidlit Q and A Extravaganza Episode.

Anouska answers questions about Bookstore’s Wholesale and Return Policies, how Covid has effected the publishing landscape and more.

EK Books

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