Writing Great Characters and Staying Focussed

Today’s guest is a handstand extraordinaire, a playwright, and one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors since Chicken Stu hit bookstores in 2010. His latest series, The Nerd Herd has taken kids and adults by storm all over the country.

Writing Great Characters and Staying Focussed

He’s popped in today for a taco, to tell us all about the much awaited Book 3 of the Nerd Herd series, as well share his writing journey and some valuable writing tips. So, please give a huge cheer, for the incredible Nathan Luff. Woo-hooo!


Nathan Luff book, The Nerd Herd


Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Nathan Luff: to find out more about this incredible author’s work, click on website here.

The Nerd Herd: For more information about this amazing series, click here.

Chris Kennett: To see more of Chris’s amazing work, click here.


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