Today’s guest describes himself as a big kid with a beard. He loves potatoes, his wonderful wife and two dogs, Hugo and Cooper. However, beard or no beard, he’s a rising star in Australian Picture Books with 5 awesome books in stores now and another 3 coming soon. We had him on the show a few weeks ago, and he’s back by popular demand. 

So, we thought we’d talk about his new book, Roary the Lion. And, also something I think will interest a lot of aspiring authors and that’s putting your stories away until they’re ready. And sometimes, that means putting it away, honing your skills and then coming back to it. So, Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big roaring cheer for Rory H Mather. Woo-hooo! 


Roary the Lion - a Taco's book review


Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Rory H Mather: To find out more about Rory, you can click on his website here.  Or, listen to his last taco’s interview here

James Layton: To find out more about James from Larrikin House Publishing, click here. 

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