Q and A Extravaganza

Interview with Victoria Mackinlay

Today’s guest is a picture book author with an amazing story. And, amazing passion for her craft. Her book Ribbit Rabbit Robot is up for two major awards and her latest book, The Lion Who Came to Stay, has a backstory that you’re not going to believe. She’s popped in today for a taco, share a few writing tips, and tell us all about her amazing work, Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the wonderful Victoria Mackinlay. Woo-hooo!

The Lay of the Land

Sally Rippin interview at reading with a chance of tacos

Today, we talk to one of Australia’s leading authors, in fact, she’s Australia’s highest-selling female author. She’s Sally Rippin. Sally offers up some little gems and home truths about writing books for kids.

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