Jason Pamment Interview

Jason Pamment Interview

Today’s guest is an internationally acclaimed, award winning animator of short films, commercials, music videos, TV shows and video games, with a short film nominated for an Oscar. He’s popped in for a taco, and to tell us about his very first full graphic novel, Treasure in the Lake. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the amazingly talented, super-skilled illustrator and creator, Jason Pamment. Woo-hooo!

Treasure in the Lake - a Taco's book review

Resources Mentioned in Jason Pamment Interview:

Jason Pamment: To find out more about this amazing creator, click on to his website here.

Treasure in the Lake: To find out more about this full graphic novel, click here.

Allen and Unwin Publishing: To find out more about this publishing house, click here.

The Cat Piano: To find out more about this Oscar nominated short film, in which Jason was Art Director, click here.

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