Lazy Daisy – Caz Goodwin.

Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke!

Firstly, I love the way the illustrator, Ashley King, has drawn Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke. It’s exactly how I’d picture a Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clark. And, I really like saying Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke. What a great name for such a colourful character.

Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke - Lazy Daisy tacos review

Jasper Horatio Wiggley Clarke loved walking each day in Centenary Park. He particularly loved to play with the dogs he met. The problem for Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke was that he didn’t have a dog of his own to walk in the park. Then one night, Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke woke to find a peculiar doggy-like lump under the stairs, “Hooray!” cried Jasper, “My dreams have come true. It’s my very own puppy dog. Yippidy-do!”

Daisy is Lazy

Unfortunately for Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke, what he thinks is a dog is actually a Koala. And unlike a dog, Daisy the Koala doesn’t like walking in the park. She prefers to sit in a tree and nap all day. Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke tries to encourage Daisy to the park with a range of funny and colourful costumes, but nothing seems to work.

Wait – an Idea!

One of the things I like the most about Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke is that he isn’t one to give up on his newly found pet and comes up with a plan that allows Daisy to sit while he strolls through the park.

This is a fun read aloud. The rhyme flows with great rhythm and moves the story along at the perfect pace. And, the illustrations really capture the mood of the two characters while adding to the fun. Plus, I just like saying Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke, but that’s just me.


Title: Lazy Daisy

Author: Caz Goodwin

Illustrator: Ashley King

Publisher: Little Hare Books – Hardie Grant Egmont, 2019

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Just one more: Jasper Horatio Wiggleby Clarke. Okay, that’s it.

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