Learning to write picture books

Learning to write picture books with Jennifer Ennion

Today’s guest is an award-winning journalist who has recently turned her hand to writing picture books. She’s an experienced writer who has discovered an obsession for picture books, but as many people know, picture book writing is a skill all to itself.

So, she’s popped in today to share with us the challenges, the frustrations, and all the highs and lows of learning a whole new craft. And, hopefully assist other aspiring kid lit authors through her journey. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the awesome, Jennifer Ennion.


Ava and Pepe’s book review

Ava and Pepe

Okay, now it’s time for a Taco book review.

Today’s book review is Blueys Christmas Swim

By Bluey and Penguin Publishing.

And, brought to you by Ava and Pepe’s book reviews!!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Jennifer Ennion: to find out more about this wonderful writer, click here.


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