Ozzy Rules – book #1 in the series by Nicole Hayes and Adrian Beck.

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To footy news now, and the Fresca Bay Falcons have just signed an exciting new recruit!

Sanjay Little, the cousin of Ozzy and Ellie Little, is on his way to Australia with his family and will join a long list of Little Legends to have played for the mighty Falcons.

A Little Family Reunion

Every one of the Little family is excited at the arrival of Sanjay and his family. Twins, Ellie and Oz Little, haven’t seen their cousin Sanjay since they were little tackers. Sanjay’s dad and the twins’ dad are brothers, and Sanjay’s family are moving in next door.

Once they arrive and settle in, it’s straight into football. Oz, who considers himself a pretty handy player, and Ellie, who is a little more modest than her brother even though she’s the leading goal kicker for the Falcons, can’t wait to show Sanjay all they know about the game of Australian Rules Football (AFL).

To everyone’s surprise, Sanjay is a natural!

Ellie is okay with Sanjay’s high-flying capabilities, but Oz soon becomes a little put-out when all the focus shifts to Sanjay. Oz’s dad sits him down for a heart to heart about family and what’s important, but it seems Oz is still sulking, something he’ll have to get over before the big game if they’re going to start the season off with a victory.

Kicking Goals

It’s footy finals time in Australia as I write this review, and I’m excited because this book is exactly what footy fanatics go nuts for at this time of year.

If your kids are into footy then this is a must. If they’re not into footy, but are hankering for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure series then this is also a must.

There are great characters for everyone. I particularly like Uncle Lennie, Sanjay’s dad. He’s the fun-loving uncle that likes to talk about the old days, but whenever he tries to recapture the glory days of his youth, he clumsily falls about failing miserably. There’s some wonderful family dynamics, humour and general emotion of daily life in these footy loving kids that will appeal to a wide audience.

The illustrations by James Hart add another dimension to the fun nature of the series. I recommend it for readers who may have enjoyed books like, Werido or the Real Pigeon series. Really well designed by Hardie Grant Egmont for an easy and enjoyable read. I personally can’t wait for more. I love my footy and I love the Little Legends!

Go the mighty Falcons! Eeeek! Eeeek!

*Note: it’s a must, if you ever meet the authors, particularly Adrian, to ask for a rendition (with actions) of the Fresca Bay Falcon’s cheer.


Title: Ozzy Rules – Book #1 in the Little Legends series

Authors: Nicole Hayes and Adrian Beck

Illustrations: James Hart

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

reading with a chance of tacos review

TAKING SIDES is book #2 in the series, and out now!

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