Little Mister Gets a Sister

Little Mister Gets a Sister 

It happened when I was just two,

Mum and Dad said a baby was due.

No room on Mum’s knee, for her big bump and me?

Tell me, just what would you do?

An age-old question that so many big brothers and sisters will relate to.


Little Mister gets a sister whether he likes it or not

When a little tiger cub meets his baby sister, he’s not impressed. She’s no cutie, he thinks. And she drools and smells.

Soon, baby sister gets all the attention, and the little cub gets very annoyed. When she spills food it’s adorable, but when he spills it, he gets into trouble. It’s just not fair.

This is a fun and relatable story, and the rhyming text flows effortlessly. The illustrations are fun, expressive and support the text extremely well. Some of the detail really had me staring at the illustrations with a wide-eyed smile.


So, what’s a big brother to do?

Well, he could put her in the trash, or mail her to the zoo. Both, plausible ideas. However, our tiger cub is not that mean, and decides he’ll just have to accept it.

Then as his sister gets a little older, he discovers that she really is a cutie, and a lot of fun to have around.



Author: Samaria Rose Lemke

Illustrator: Ruth-Mary Smith

Publisher: Larrikin House


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