Lola Online Book Review

First, Let’s meet Lola. Lola is a massive YouTuber, with an annoying little brother, an awesome best friend, an arch-nemesis, and a rather unusual country-music loving cat, Stampy. Gotta love Stampy!!

This series has so much to offer kids who are looking for a rollicking read. Each of Lola’s escapades spiral out of control and Lola must find a way out of the chaos. All the while offering wonderful insight to a kids You-tubing world, as well as life off screen as well. Not to mention Stampy. And, we must mention Stampy!


He’s a Keith Urban inspired Country music banjo playing cat, who throughout the series has his own awesome and fun-filled adventures.

What an awesome addition to a fun-filled series. Lola’s creators really know what kids want.

There are three books in the Lola series and a fourth out later in 2022.

So, get on board!!

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Book One: It’s time for Lola’s first double digits birthday-which should mean double the fun, right? WRONG. Because when Lola’s crazy number one fan hijacks the party plans, it could end up meaning… double the trouble!

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Book Two: School holidays are here, Lola’s super-fun Aunt Helen is coming to babysit and water parks, waffles and epic challenges for Lola’s vlog are on the menu! Sounds awesome, right? WRONG! Because when Aunt Helen arrives, she is heartbroken aka. no fun at all. Lola and her friends have cooked up the perfect plan! 

Meanwhile, Stampy has ditched his banjo for a chef’s hat, but are cats and cooking really a winning combo? Talk about the ultimate mix-up!

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Book Three: Join Lola, Vee and Ryan on the trip of a lifetime to New York City!  Not only are Lola and her friends visiting all the cool tourists spots, there is also a case for our favourite YouTuber to solve. A jewel thief known as the Diamond Dazzler has been robbing stores across New York. 

Can Lola and her friends visit all of the must-see spots on their Bucket-List Spectacular and solve the case?

About the Authors

How to write with a partner

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 Authors: Tayla and Shannan Stedman

Publisher: Scholastic Aust

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