Looking for Lily book review


Meet the Sprites

Take a fantastical trip to a magical world and meet four tiny sprites.

Talia, Lily, Marri and Dawn are teeny-tiny, head-banging, hard rockin’, heavy metal loving, awesome little critters with ATTITUDE!


Have you ever seen a sprite?

Maybe you have and didn’t realise it. Maybe you thought you saw a dragonfly zip past you on a hot day.

In their hollowed-out log next to the farm dam, they blow off steam by screaming, jumping and fluttering around in circles in their very own pint-sized heavy metal band.


Rock n Roll

But not everyone at the farm are fans of the sprites’ heavy metal music. The old rainbow trout who live at the bottom of the dam complain about the vibrations. Their silvery-pink heads throb! They demand that Winston, the oldest trout, swims up to the log and gives Talia a talking-to … because enough is enough!

But when Winston arrives, Talia has more important things to worry about. Lily, one of her siblings, is missing.


Looking For Lily

After discovering a magpie feather, this tiny crew of headbangers fear the worst and devises a plan to get Lily back. They fly across the dam and into the apple orchard to confront the nasty magpie.

But on the way, Talia’s plans are derailed when an argument with Winston goes from bad to worse and he is sucked over the edge of the dam and into the middle of their scary adventure.

With no other option but to work together, they journey into the orchard to save Lily, battling rushing waters, snapping claws, falling apples and booby traps along the way, risking themselves to save each other. But will they be too late?

Who can they trust?

Winston the rainbow trout?

Rocket the magpie?

Who is friend, and who is foe?

With a clever plan, and a few tricks up their sleeves, the sprites bravely face up to the dangers and risk themselves to save each other.


How to self publish a children's book

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Title: Looking For Lily

Autor: Kristy Nita Brown

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