Magic Mistakes

By Belinda Blecher and Lisa Allen.

Frankie Lane hates making mistakes. She won’t try new things. She prefers to stay in her comfort zone. She loves to draw ducks. Actually, she draws amazing ducks. The best in the state. Until one day, her teacher asked everyone in class to draw an animal from a petting zoo. Unfortunately for Frankie …

There were no ducks in this petting zoo

Immediately, Frankie filled with dread. She didn’t know how to draw these other animals. What if she didn’t draw them perfectly?  What if everyone laughed at her drawings? Frankie felt a dark cloud hang over her. Her legs felt numb and her tummy tied up in knots.

Tallulah Flare

Tallulah Flare (with her messy hair)

Fortunately for Frankie, she has a friend named Tallulah Flare.  Tallulah doesn’t give a hoot what anyone else thinks of her art. She colours outside the lines, splashes all manner of colours into all manner of shapes. Tallulah thinks her artwork is terrific. And, even better than that, it’s so much fun!

Frankie is not like Tallulah and is struggling to step out of her comfort zone. She decides to draw a duck anyway, and it will be a beautiful, perfect duck. But when that duck becomes unstuck, Frankie has no choice but to follow Tallulah’s imperfect advice.

Mistakes can be magical

Frankie lets herself go, and to her surprise, has a ball creating all kinds of wonderful images, even if they don’t look perfect. They are full of colour and flare. She creates the most fantastic things, like mice and horses with magic wings.

This book is so good for showing kids the learning opportunities that come from stepping out of your comfort zone and having a go. That leaving perfection behind to discover new things and new ways of looking at the world can open up a child’s full potential.

It helps us all to embrace our imperfections, take risks and welcome failure as part of our growth. And, it’s told in a fun, colourful and thoughtful way that kids love to read.

Writer and Illustrator

This is a real team effort from both the writer and illustrator. The story is ideal for all the Frankies’ out there, and the illustrations bring it to life. Just as Tallulah would have wanted.


Magic Mistakes can can be ordered here: , with free freight until 30 September 2020

Title: Magic Mistakes

Author: Belinda Blecher

Illustrator: Lisa Allen

Publisher: IP Kidz, Queensland Australia 2020

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