Mary had a Monstersaur - a Taco's book review

Mary Had A Monstersaur by Mike Dumbleton and Peter Bath

Mary had a Monstersaur, whose fleece was green as sno… Hang on, wrong story.

Sixty Million Years in the Making

This is a fun play on the old nursery rhyme. But instead of Mary having a little lamb. Mary has a monstersaur. When I say monstersaur, it’s actually a dinosaur that has survived in a hole behind the shed in Mary’s backyard for sixty million years.

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Mary and the Monstersaur hit it off straight away, and everywhere Mary goes the Monstersaur follows. However, it’s not easy for such a big dinosaur to fit into the modern world. It’s too big for Mary’s school. He crushes everything he goes near. The kids don’t seem to mind, they love his antics. But the glum dinosaur thinks it will be best for everyone if he disappears back down his hole.

Monstersaur Love

However, when news gets out about Mary’s Monstersaur, the entire town rally around in various ways to make the dinosaur welcome. Kids hold up placards of love while reporters drop down from helicopters for interviews and photographs. And, when he gets millions of likes on social media, Mary’s Monstersuarus Rex really feels the love agrees to stay. But, before everybody lives happily ever after, there is one more twist to the story. But don’t worry, it’s an ending that is sure to give the reader a giant T-Rex sized smile.

A Dumbleton Story

When I heard this was a Mike Dumbleton story, I couldn’t wait to read it. He’s been a favourite author of mine for years. His book Cat is still to this day, one of my favourite picture books. And, this is another fantastic book for kids.

This is a fun rhyming book that kids are going to love. It flows simply and rhymes so effortlessly. But, what I love most is that it has such beautiful sentiment. There is real heart to this book, captured beautifully by the illustrations all the way to the very end.  

It’s funny too, and as for Mary and her little lamb. Well, sure, lambs are cute. But I’d rather have a monstersaur.


Author:  Mike Dumbleton         

Illustrator: Peter Bath

Publisher: Larrikin House Publishing, 2021

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