Meet the publishers - 10 things you must know about the kid lit industry.


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 Meet the publishers – 10 things you must know about the kid lit industry.

Publishers reveal valuable information to help you understand the industry and what they want.

Today’s episode is aimed at getting to know the children’s book industry from the perspective of publishers. I put a series of questions to various publishers to assist writers and illustrators understand how making, marketing, and distributing books work. How the Kid lit industry works.

  • How many books are usually printed off on a first run and how are they distributed?
  • What’s a decent number of Sales?
  • Who’s reading your submissions?
  • What are publishers looking for and what makes a good submission?
  • What mistakes do people make when submitting?
  • What makes something commercially viable?
  • Understanding submission times for specific events, such as when to submit a Christmas Book, or a book for Mother’s Day?
  • What happens if a publisher likes your work? What are the next steps? What happens at an Acquisitions meeting.
  • How do you get paid for your work?


On the topic of Lending Rights, and payments, we touch on it here, but revisit it in more detail in a later episode of our Get Published! series. 

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