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Mertails – The Best Friend Promise

Pearl the mermaid is turning 9 and her party is today. But, on the way to Mer-school she sees a shooting star fall out of the sky and into the ocean.

Excited by the shooting star, she dives back into the ocean to find it, but what she finds is all kinds of magic and adventure.

Best Friend Adventures

Pearl and her two best friends, Coral and Shell, soon discover that Pearl has magical powers and can talk to animals.

Even for mermaids, talking to animals is a special kind of magic, so they must keep the magic a secret. But, when that know-it-all Sandy Starfish seems to be spying on them and finds out Pearl’s secret, Pearl gets so upset that she does something terrible: yells at her and un-invites Sandy to her party.

The Hungry Reef Dragon

Sandy is so upset that she swims off into the dreaded Weeded Wood. Pearl and her friends go after Sandy to apologise when they encounter a hungry reef dragon, as big as a whale.

Sandy is stuck in the weeds, while the dragon is thrashing its giant tail. Pearl is having no luck talking to the dragon. Things are looking bleak until the clever Sandy figures out what’s really going on with the dragon, and together, Sandy and Pearl team up to save the day. Now, FOUR mermaids become best friends forever.

First book of a mer-mazing, fin-tacular series

This is the first in a series of four besties and their underwater adventures. The Best Friend Promise is a fun story on the underwater theme of mermaids. It is a perfect length for early readers and a great read-aloud if needed to be read to younger children.


Title: Mertails – The Best Friend Promise.

Author / illustrator: Rebecca Timmis

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, Aust, 2021

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