Milo's little secret a taco's review

Milo’s little Secret by Rebecca Ralfe and Gabriella Petruso

Milo has a little secret. He is living a double life, well actually, multiple lives. They say a cat has nine lives, this little feline is living them all at once and having the time of his life! But, when Milo doesn’t come home one evening, his owners start to worry and send out a search party.

Never has a story hit the mark on the true nature of cats, as I see it anyway. This is such a fun rhyming picture book, with great rhythm and story, from start to finish.

I can’t help but love the way Milo approaches life. This cheeky but loveable feline knows how to play the game alright, well, that is until it all comes unstuck, or in Milo’s case, stuck!  

I love this cat so much. I have some tuna cooling on the bench in my home if he ever visits.

Let’s talk about the illustrations

Gabriella Pertruso has done it again! It’s not just the wonderfully written story I love about this book. Gabriella, known for her quirky illustrations of animals, but wow, her people are just as quirky and every bit as awesome, has really brought out the fun of this story. That said, Gabriella, don’t think I didn’t notice your cheeky side as well. The sign outside Shelly’s corner store did not go unnoticed by this Aussie reviewer!

It’s no secret that I love this book, and can’t wait for its release, which should be around middle of this year, and I’ll be back then with a reminder. I’ve got a few cat lovers with birthdays around June/July. And, if you’re like me, you might want to keep this in mind as a wonderful gift. Or simply to add to your picture book collection.

Milo’s Little Secret – details:

Author: Rebecca Ralfe

Illustrator: Gabriella Petruso

Publisher: Larrikin House, 2021

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