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Welcome to Mini Taco!  A podcast that connects kids to their favourite authors and illustrators.

Each episode aims to inspire little people to use their big imaginations to read, write, draw and create!

This podcast is an excellent resource for educators to help kids get excited about books and reading.

There will be competitions, giveaways, and most importantly… Heaps and heaps of FUN!

Hey Teachers!

At Mini Taco, we appreciate all you do for our next generation of book lovers and creators.

So to help out, each Mini Taco episode comes with downloadable Teacher Notes as a recap of the episode, great tips from amazing creators, and fun activities to keep the flame burning.  Click into individual episode to download your Teacher Notes.

And, don’t forget to subscribe. It’s our chance to give back. We’ve got book-packs fresh from Australian publishers, and your favourite authors, ready to hit your library shelves.

Mini Taco Podcast logo

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