Paying homage to the characters that make us laugh.

At Tacos we’ve been celebrating books that make us laugh, now once a week, we’ll pay homage to a character that we’ve enjoyed so much.

Great characters make a story, and a great character can forge a friendship with a reader that can leave an impact well after the book is back on the shelf.

Today, we pay homage to a witch. But not just any which. Mordonna Flood comes from Royal stock. The daughter of King Quatorze and Queen Scratchrot, King and Queen of Transylvania Waters.

Who is Mordonna Flood?

We meet Mordonna Flood in Colin Thompson’s series called The Floods.
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Mordonna is married to a grandson of the great wizard, Merlin, and is mother to seven amazingly funny and talented witches and wizards.

What’s to like about Mordonna Flood?

Our character of the week is a caring, loving mother, yet delightfully wicked. She has style, panache, grace, and all with a sense of humour befitting her wonderfully evil and funny family.

As a mother, Mordonna is caring and loving. As a housewife, she is meticulous, always checking the dust is properly organised – not too thick on the tabletops and nicely gathered into hairy piles in the corners. As a witch, she is deadly. Stunningly beautiful with a power to enthral all who look into her eyes. She is always in control, intelligent and in the words of the author, Colin Thompson, who is an absolute genius by the way! ‘In the world of witchcraft and magic, Mordonna is a legend. Magicians and wizards fall at her feet just to smell the dirt between her toes.’

Mordonna is a Down To Earth Witch

Yet for all her staggering beauty and mystery, she is an unspoilt down-to-earth housewife who likes nothing more than a quiet evening at home with her family sucking the insides out of lizards and watching Susan the Teenage Human on TV.

Mordonna’s role in The Floods series

A loving housewife aside, as the series moves on, the Floods move away from the suburbs and back home, where Mordonna reclaims her birthright as Queen of Transylvania Waters.  Here, she governs her people and watches over her family. I’ve said in earlier posts how much I love the humour in these books, but more than that I love each and every one of the Flood family, which is largely due to Mordonna, a set of shiny Jamie Oliver saucepans, and Mr Colin Thompson. Thank you.

If you haven’t read any of all of this amazingly funny series, check it out here:

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