Mozzies v Flies by Sarah Speedie and Rebel Challenger


In a small dusty town,

in the sweltering heat,

two rival gangs,

had control of the streets.


Mozzies v Flies book review


Mozzies v Flies

In this small and dusty town, the Flies control the air during the day. And the Mozzies at night. But who owns the skies at that time in between?

A BBQ has been announced to the town. Sausages and Burgers at 5.30pm. Not quite night, and no longer the day. Hmmm. Can you see the dilemma?

Sausages and Burgers

It’s not a true Aussie BBQ without either Flies or Mozzies. And, Sausages and burgers are too good not to fight for. Both Mozzies and Flies have declared war. Neither will back down. They’ll meet at 5pm by the dustbins near the BBQs, and the winners will be ready to dine at 5.30pm.

Who will win?

 This is such a fun book, that will have kids entertained right ‘til the very end. The rhyme and rhythm of the story add to the fun, while the illustrations are next level. It’s just such a colourful, lively, fun book that’s sure to create a real buzz this summer.

Just so you know, I’m Team Mozzie. I can’t stand those pesky flies.


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 Author: Sarah Speedie

Illustrator: Rebel Challenger

Publisher: Larrikin House, Australia, 2021


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