Mum for sale.

How much does a mum go for these days?

Errol, the cheeky little penguin, has put his mum up for sale and has offers of a fish, a bucket of snowballs, even a jar of jellybeans. Will either of these make a good swap? Which will he choose?

Can a mum even be replaced?

Errol is a real child of today’s “it’s all about me” penguin society. He’s demanding and wants everything now. So, when mum won’t get off the phone (which I will agree with Errol, is very annoying), he has no option than to put her up for sale. Which is probably fair enough. However, selling your mum isn’t always easy, it’s a big replacement. Some may say, irreplaceable.

One Mum for sale. Make an offer!

When the offers come in, Errol must choose what to swap his mum for, will it be a bucket of snow balls? Nup, there’s snow all around. But, when somebody in a pick-up truck comes along with the right offering, it’s see-ya-later mumma!

What will Errol do now?

Oh Oh! What has he done? Errol is about to learn the hard way, that a mum, even a mum on her phone is irreplaceable. Errol now has to act fast to get back the most important thing in the world.

So simply written and wonderfully crafted by Philip Bunting (listed for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal in 2018), this fun story demonstrates that no matter how annoying mums can be, or how naughty their kids are, they’ll always be there for you in the end. Jellybean?

To find out more about this wonderful author’s books, including more about Errol, check out website:

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Title: Mum For Sale

Author: Zanni Louise

Illustrator: Philip Bunting

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2019

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