Hosts: Ken and Liv

Guest: Katrina Germein

Topic: My Dad thinks he’s a pirate

My Dad thinks he's a Pirate withKatrina Germain

Today’s guest writes joyful books for children. She believes young readers deserve stories that inspire curiosity, imagination, and laughter. With over twenty published titles, Katrina has seen her highly acclaimed work sold around the world. Katrina’s book Before You Were Born is currently shortlisted in the speech pathology book of the year awards, an award Katrina won in 2019. Katrina’s first non-fiction book, Wonderful Wasps, will be released in 2022, along with My Dad Thinks He’s a Pirate, the latest book in the best-selling My Dad series.  


Book Reviews with Liv

The Nerd Herd series by Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett

Liv gives us the rundown on all the antics of Baarnabus, Shaarma Llama Ding Dong, and Billy the Kid – better known as The Nerd Herd.

We review the first three amazing books in the series and ready you for Book four which is in stores now.

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Character of the Week

Congratulations Homey Pigeon

We first met Homey Pigeon in Real Pigeons Fight Crime by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood. And, through ten amazing books, Homey has been a real crowd favourite.

Homey, for being a fun loving, bread crumb devouring pigeon with a great sense of direction, always steering the pigeon crew in the right course to fight crime. Even dressing up as a dog when needed and eating your way through danger, you are Character of the Week!

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Each episode aims to inspire little people to use their big imaginations to read, write, draw and create!

After putting up over 100 episodes of Taco podcasts for authors, it’s great to do something for the kids. We’re very excited about this as it’s so much fun. Tailored to primary schools, it’s ideal for educators, teacher/librarians, kids who want more from books, and all who love children’s literature.  

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