Nan’s Farm

Nan’s Farm by Sarah Russell

nan's farm review

A sweet story of a young girl who loves visiting with nan on her farm. She spends a day with nan exploring, gathering eggs from the chooks, petting animals, hopping with wallabies, laughing with kookaburras, dressing up cows, spying wild horses, picking fruit and making marmalade.


Counting back from 10 to 1

Along the course of the little girl’s day, and cleverly added to the story, she counts the things she sees, from ten birds to one Nan’s Farm.

The Illustrations are beautiful and capture the mood of both the setting and the young girl’s affection toward the farm. And, with a touch of playfulness, the illustrations challenge you to find the hidden frogs.

The end papers have some have wonderful farmyard facts and overall, this is a joyful and sweet story of a young girl who loves spending time with Nan in a magical place that she loves.



 Author/Illustrator: Sarah Russell


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