Neil the Amazing Sea Cucumber with Amelia McInerney

Today’s guest is the author of such amazing picture books as, The Book Chook, Bad Crab, Who Fed Zed, My Bird Bertie, Mary had a little lamb. What really happened!, and her latest book, Neil the Amazing Sea Cucumber.

She’s popped in today to tell us all about Neil, from how Neil was formed, how she wrote his story, why she chose a sea cucumber and everything in between. Everybody please welcome, the Boring (strike text) Amazing, Amelia McInerney.

Neil the Amazing Sea Cucumber Taco Review


Title: Neil the  Amazing Sea Cucumber

Author: Amelia McInerney

Illustrator: Lucinda Gifford

Publisher: Affirm Press, Australia, 2023


Book Reviews with Liv

Liv and Ken Chat about Worst Week Ever Thursday.

For readers of the first 3 books in this series, if you’re hoping that Justin might somehow catch a break in this book, think again. Liv gives us the rundown of what happens on Thursday morning, Just up until lunchtime, and already there is so much action.

Unfortunately for Justin, Thursday is not his day. Poor Justin Chase is having the worst week ever. 

Worst Week Ever Thursday Taco Review

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