Recognising the skills and strengths of neurodiverse children

Neurodiversity in kids books

Rochelle Stephens is an author and publisher interested in writing work that mixes science and maths with children’s fiction.

She’s a teacher by day, writer, editor and publisher by night. She is passionate about what stories can to do to take a reader to a new world and open our eyes to love, compassion, the bigger picture and much more.

Em Hammond is a fun and quirky Author/ Illustrator from the east coast of Australia.

She is passionate about bringing whimsy and fun into kids’ picture books. Her own children inspire her to create stories and illustrations that spark the imagination.

Together these two creatives have popped in to chat about their collaboration in a wonderful series that recognises and celebrates the skills and strengths of neurodiverse children.

The first book in the series is Riz Chester and the Counterfeit Bust.

Everybody please welcome Rochelle Stephens and Em Hammond. 

Riz Chester


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