No Probllama! a tacos review

No Probllama!

Llama thinks he’s so cool. Even cooler than you or me (Pff, as if!).

He thinks he’s just the coolest, bestest, most magnificent creature on this planet.  

But really, he’s just a show-off. And, nobody likes a show-off.

When his mates say, “Can you paint?”

Llama says,  “No probllama!”

“Can you stand on your head and sing?”

“No probllama!”

Every time someone does something, Llama has to do it better. Don’t you hate that?

“No probllama!” says Llama. He can sing, dance and do karate.

Lemur sets Llama a challenge

Lemur has enough and challenges Llama to a series of contests.

“No Probllama!” says Llama and shows time and again just how awesome he is.

It doesn’t look like Lemur or anyone can stop Llama from showing off. Until … Let’s just say that this reviewer has “no problem” with the ending!

The illustrations, by Kali Stileman, cap off this book beautifully. The expressions on Llama’s face crack me up every time. And with such wonderful colours that entice all readers, young and old to this funny book, it’s a winner.

Also, if you love Llamas like I do, here are a couple of fun llama facts:

  • Llamas grow up to 6ft tall and can live for around 20 years.
  • They are social animals, preferring to hang out with their llama mates or other herd animals.
  • Llama farts and poop have almost no odor. So, it makes hanging out with their mates way cooler than my mates. It also makes a great, eco-friendly fertilizer. And, the ancient Incas used llama poop as fuel to cook with and to make ceramics.


Author: Rosie Greening

Illustrator: Kali Stileman

Publisher: Make Believe Ideas, 2018

As well as books, Kali creates brightly coloured luxury greeting cards, wall stickers, wonderful prints and much more on her website:

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