Ollie and Bea - a taco's book review

The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea. It’s Owl Good. By Renee Treml

Oh, the joys of making new friends and having adventures. This full-colour graphic novel will have young readers hopping for joy.

True friends that can see each other’s differences and embrace them, even see them as something to celebrate.

It’s Owl Good is the first in the fun series where Ollie and Bea meet. And the adventures begin.

The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea

Ollie thinks everyone is staring at him for wearing glasses. I mean, owls are known for their great eyesight. Well, not owl of them. Ollie’s friends suggest a game of football, but Ollie is too upset to play with the others and looks to retreat, when he meets Bea. A bunny with an awesome sense of fun who convinces Ollie that an owl wearing glasses must have super vision and therefor be a superhero.

A bunny with her own problems

Despite her upbeat manner, Bea is paranoid of her big feet. ‘Too bad having big feet isn’t a superpower,’ says Bea. ‘All I can do is trip people over.’

When Ollie’s friends come over and ask if they can join in a game of superheros, they all seem to have awesome superpowers that Bea can’t match. They all try their best to find a superpower for Bea, but it’s no use. Until, Boooiiiiinng

Book Two: Squeals on Wheels

If you ask me, the real superpowers are with the author and team behind this wonderful series because the super adventures of book two is out straight away. How cool is that? If you love the first book (which you will), there’s no waiting around for the next one. Woo-hooo! Now that’s a totally awesome superpower. And, what’s even super, is that it’s every bit as cool as the first.

Along with the full-colour illustrations, this is an easy read with super-fun wordplay that little kids and big kids are going to love.


Author and Illustrator:  Renee Treml

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, Australia, 2021

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