Once, I was loved.

Tomorrow is a big day for Tock.

Tock, a beautifully natured toy rabbit, is sitting squashed and a little dishevelled in tomorrow’s Donations Bin.  But it wasn’t always this way. Once, Tock was loved.

Tock was loved by Sam.

It was 1939, and the world was preparing for war. But Tock had found a beautiful BFF, and her name was Sam. They did everything together. They kissed her dad goodbye as he marched off to war, baked cookies and visited sick children in the hospital. But one day, they met a sick boy and Sam’s eyes filled with tears. “I think Flynn needs you more than I do,” she said, sadly. Thus began Tock’s amazing journey from owner to owner – from cowboys to rock and roll. From astronauts exploring the outer rim of the universe to pirates hunting for treasure. Oh, the adventures!

Tock recounts some amazing moments of human history in this wonderful book. You see, Tock lived through it all, and shared experiences through the eyes, wonder and imagination of children.

Belinda Landsberry has written and illustrated this timeless tale and told it through Tock’s eyes. The story is touching and the artwork is beautiful. Tock’s memories are so full of heart that it made me smile, fight back a tear and remember my own childlike sense of wonder.

And, because I love Tock, I will not tell you the ending. Except to say, have your tissues at the ready.

The perfect gift for grandma!

Beautifully designed and put together by EK Books. This is a keeper. Ideal for ages 1 – 101. It’s the perfect gift for grandma this Christmas, or anytime really.


Title: Once, I was loved

Author/illustrator: Belinda Landsberry

Publisher: EK Books, 2019

EK Books

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Available in all English speaking countries and in translation across Europe and Asia, EK Books provides hope, heart and entertainment for children worldwide.

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