Overcoming imposter syndrome

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Being an author can be a dream come true. However, many authors must first look at overcoming imposter syndrome.

An interview with Dhana Fox

Author, Dhana Fox didn’t come from a traditional writing background, as she puts it, and didn’t have any qualifications to suggest she has what it takes to be a published writer.

That said, Dhana is an author of three picture books currently, and more to come. She has a wonderful writing style and a sense of humour that shines through her stories. Yet, Dhana tells us that she feels Imposter Syndrome is hard to shake, and any minute now, someone is going to tap her on the shoulder and tell her the jig is up.

Dhana has dropped in to join Ken on the Tacos Podcast and discuss how she got into writing for kids. She shares ideas on writing and tells us about a hilarious collection of books coming out soon. So, ladies and gentlemen give a huge round of applause for Dhana Fox. Woo-hooo!

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