Real Pigeons book review

Real Pigeons do what?

They fight crime, keep the streets safe and save your butts!

Wow, I thought pigeons just looked weird and did bird stuff. But after reading this book I now know so much more about how awesome pigeons are.

Crime Fighting Heroes!

An old pigeon named Grandpouter recruits a crack squad of super pigeons to fight crime. They are:

Frillback – super strong, sausage eating, crime fighting hero.

Rock – a master of disguise and attitude, dressing up to fight bad guys.

Homey – super hero of homing pigeons.

Tumbler – super bendy, super hero. Able to tumble in flight.

Their Mission

The Real Pigeons soon find themselves in three separate but intertwined mysteries. Solving crimes, eating breadcrumbs and fighting baddies. They even endeavor to save humans from a terrible stink bomb. Three stories in one hilarious adventure!

Real Pigeons are Real Funny

It’s a fun and funny, easy to read, series with illustrations supporting the text. Cleverly laid out in three perfect length stories that stand alone, but follow on nicely to form one book.

The Villains increase as the series rolls on which is very important in a crime fighting mystery. But, the best thing is its funny! Andrew McDonald, the writer, and Ben Wood, the illustrator, work wonderfully well in keeping the laughs constant throughout the book. I can’t wait to keep reading this funny and fun series. And, can see kids of all ages, but particularly new independent readers, really taking to this series.

Where can I find out more about these Crime fighting pigeons?

So far there are 3 books in this series. To find out more about these crime fighting pigeons, and where to find their books, check them out on their very own website:


Author – Andrew McDonald

Illustrator – Ben Wood

Publisher – Hardie Grant Egmont, 2018