Red v Blue - a taco's book review

Red v Blue by James Tedesco. Illustrations by Heath McKenzie.

The Sequel

Red v Blue picks up from where the first story left off. And, it’s a pleasure to be back in James’ company. I said in review of the first book that James is such a likeable kid, enjoying life and adventures with his four best mates. Well, as this book takes shape, he develops more friends and a storyline that continues the fun and adventure of kids growing up, whether rugby is your thing or not.

Family. Friends. Fun

It’s a great age in a kid’s life. It’s a time full of adventure, football, mates and discovering new emotions. It’s a time of learning, making mistakes and trying new things.

The story itself seems to be coming from a place the author knows well. And, the connectivity between author and reader has such great energy. It’s an enjoyable part of the book. James really takes you into his world with enthusiasm and you feel like you’re right there with him.

Red v Blue

James and his mates now play for the Camden Blue Team. After struggling to get a full team together, the team they have are a bunch of diverse kids with various skill sets and all with different things going on in their own lives. It’s a struggle at first, but once they start gelling as a team, they’re ready to take on the Camden Reds.

Rugby fans will love the play-by-play description of each match. James shows the reader how his young football mind works by picturing a play before it happens and how he’s learned to read the game so well.  

Anyone looking for a good story will love the trials and escapades of kids growing up. There’s new friendships, new rivalries, new relationships, and even a goat for those times you need to put a bully in his place.

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Author: James Tedesco

Illustrator: Heath McKenzie

Publisher: Pan Macmillan, Australia, 2021

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