Tacos Review: Chip

Ever been to the beach with your fish and chips only to get swarmed by pesky seagulls?


Well, you’ll love this funny book about a seagull named Chip, who loves nothing else but to eat chips.

When Chip torments local beach-goers, Joe, the local fish and chip van owner puts a ban on Chip and his mates. He puts up signs saying: don’t feed the gulls.

And, just like that, it’s no more chips for Chip.

At first, Chip tries to disguise himself as a surfer dude, but that doesn’t work. He tries munching on other food scraps, such as apple cores, Yuck!

He can’t go on like this, he’s starving! So he gathers his mates together and comes up with another plan.

This is a clever and well written ending. A win-win for the gulls, Joe and all beach-goers.

This is an Aussie favourite, and a great addition to our book list. Chip is for ages 3 and up. There is great humour throughout this book along with wonderfully funny illustrations that add to the story without impacting the text. In fact, I would’ve liked to have seen Chip try a few more disguises. But, that’s just me. This book is a winner!

Of course, don’t just take my word for it. Chip was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards. And, you can find out more about Chip and other Kylie Howarth books on her website: https://www.kyliehowarth.com/

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