by Robert Munsch.

Welcome to day two of Robert Munsch Week here at RWACOT. Today, clang-clang-rattle-bing-bang, we are taking a look at Mortimer.

According to his website, Munsch says this was the first story he ever made up. It was way back in 1971. Munsch was a student teacher put on the spot at story time, and away he went with this amazing story about a little boy who didn’t like to go to bed. The boy’s name was Mortimer. And, not only was Mortimer not tired, he was ready to make some noise. I can imagine the kids in Munsch’s class that day, playing along and making one heck of a racket, but enjoying it so much.

When he wrote the story out, years later, his publishers didn’t like it. They said, ‘It’s just good for telling out loud, not as a book.’ They published it anyway, and, it’s been one of Munsch’s bestselling books.

This is a story best read out loud, and who better to read it than the author and storyteller himself. So, I’m just going to leave the link below for you to click on and enjoy. However, I will leave you with a warning. There is a repetitive line in this story that will either get stuck in your head, or worse, your children’s heads and they will be shouting it out all day. I know from experience!

Enjoy Mortimer: 

We’ll be back tomorrow as Munsch week continues.



Title: Mortimer

Author: Robert Munsch

Illustrator: Michael Martchenko

Publisher: Annick Press, 1985

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