Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch

Brigid wants some colouring markers because all her friends have colouring markers.

‘Oh, no!’ says her mother, ‘No, no, no!’ She has heard that kids draw all over the walls and all over themselves with those markers. So, she buys Brigid 500 washable markers. Very Sensible!

Brigid makes do with these and draws lemons that look better than lemons, oranges more orange than orange. She’s an artist!

Super-indelible-never-come-off-until-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later colouring markers.

When her mother sees what an artist Brigid is, she buys her 500 super-indelible-never-come-off-until-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later colouring markers. However, Brigid soon grows tired of drawing on paper. Oh oh!

It’s okay, because Brigid knows she can’t draw on the walls, but, everybody knows it’s okay to paint your fingernails, right?

Now, her nails look so pretty that she colours her hands green, yellow and red.

And her hands looks so pretty …

What could possibly go wrong from here?

Purple green and yellow tacos review picture

This is one funny book from the master of storytelling, Robert Munsch.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts just how much I love the way Robert Munsch creates a silly story. But, for some reason, Munsch is not as well known in Australia as he is in North America and other parts of the world. So, if you’ve not heard much of him and want to hear a master of storytelling in action, you have to check out his website where he reads his stories in their entirety:


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