Do you have creative children who love to draw? Then, I want to talk to you about an awesome YouTube channel.

The site is: Sandy Flett’s Art School. And, if you’re anything like me and can barely master stick figures, but you have a gnawing illustrator inside you, then this site is for you too.

The Videos are extremely easy to follow, the pace is lively without going too fast, and coupled with Sandy’s great energy and enthusiasm, not to mention her quirky sense of humour, they are fun to watch and follow.

Sandy Flett is an illustrator, a YouTuber, an artist, a talented creator of children’s books and very funny cartoons.

For more fun and awesome illustrations see Sandy’s Website:

I absolutely love Sandy’s illustrations, they have that quirky, sketchy style that works so well in humour and children’s books in general.

From Meerkats to Monkeys. From Tigers to Moose, Sandy will have you drawing like an expert in no time

You simply follow along with Sandy as she draws, at the same time seeing the outlines in which to follow along. It’s a great way to get a feel for the object you‘re drawing.

You get various options for adding your own touches too, I really like that. Once you’ve drawn the basic outline, Sandy shows you ways to add your own touches. This is a great way of showing how the illustrations are done, but also how to add your own creativity as well.

Once your kids have finished their masterpieces, they can send them in to Sandy Flett’s Art School if they like as well, they might even make it on to a future video.

Anyway, enough of me babbling on, check it out for yourself right here: Sandy Flett’s Art School

Juno Jones review

coming soon!

Juno Jones – Word Ninja

by Kate Gordon and illustrated by, wait for it… Yes, “Hi YA!” Sandy Flett.

Coming: March / April 2019

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