who flung dung - a funny book review

Ever had one of those days, where you’re just chillin’, and then all of a sudden … SHOOP!?

Poor Furley the monkey knows what it’s like. There he was minding his own business one pleasant morning, when from nowhere … SHOOP! A huge pile of dung right in the face. Furley was not impressed.

Who would do such a filthy thing?

Was it Crocodile? Was it Elephant? If not then who? Okay, toilet humour is not for everyone. But this is such a funny read aloud picture book, as Furley heads off accusing everyone he sees – a lion, a croc, a snake, a gorilla, a giraffe, vultures and wildebeest with the line, “Who Flung Dung?” Unfortunately for Furley, no-one owns up, until …

This is a wonderfully crafted and illustrated picture book. Each illustration adds to the joy of this book. On each page, the illustrations offer a little clue as to who the real culprit is. Kids of all ages will enjoy this, especially when read aloud. A book to be read and reread over again.

Title:  Who Flung Dung?
Author/Illustrator: Ben Redlich
Publisher: Koala Books, Australia, 2007