Ribbit Rabbit Robot – a Taco’s book review

Ribbit Rabbit Robot - a taco's book review

Ribbit Rabbit Robot by Victoria Mackinlay and Sofya Karmazina

This lamp is enchanted, and I am the genie. I’ll grant all your wishes but DON’T be a meanie …

Ribbit Rabbit Robot - a taco's book review

Always read the fine print

When three friends: Rabbit, Robot and Frog come across a magic lamp, of course they give it a rub and out from the puffs of smoke appears a genie with a contract.

Rabbit leaps straight in and wishes for another rabbit.

Robot jumps in next and wishes for another robot.

‘Hmmm… ribbit,’ says Frog, and studies the contract.

Ribbit Rabbit Robot - a taco's book review

Grab that lamp

‘Grab it!’ says Rabbit.

‘Rob it!’ says Robot.

Rabbit steals the lamp and takes off for a wonderful life with all the carrots it can eat.

Robot steals the lamp from Rabbit and surrounds itself with all the gadgets it could ever want.

Greed doesn’t pay

Frog, having read the fine print of the contract, and learning the true nature of the genie, takes the lamp, frees the genie, reverses all previous spells and enjoys the benefits of doing the right thing.

‘Ruined it,’ said Rabbit.

‘Wrecked it,’ said Robot.

Amazing Alliteration

Using alliteration, this cleverly written, and beautifully illustrated picture book demonstrates perfectly how with very few words you can build a fun, action-packed story for kids of all ages. And, all with the important message about not being greedy.

A special Congratulations

Congratulations to Victoria for writing this story in just the way a picture book should be written: in a way that lends itself so magnificently to an illustrator to perform their magic. And, to Sofya for the magic that has Ribbit Rabbit Robot shortlisted in the 2021 CBCA Book Awards for new illustrators. So well deserved!!


Author: Victoria Mackinlay

Illustrator: Sofya Karmazina

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2020

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