Roary The Lion

Roary the Lion - a Taco's book review

Roary the Lion by Rory H Mather and Patrick Corrigan

Roary the Lion was as tough as can be.

His glare could make a huge buffalo flee.

He could knock down a tree with a swipe of his claw …

but Roary the Lion was unable to roar.

The Lion who couldn’t roar

Poor Roary, without a roar, he doesn’t really feel like a king. So, he sets out to find his roar. Along the way, his friends give him some good advice.

And some not-so-good advice.

And, some really funny advice.

Now, Roary can hiss and squeak and Neighh, and even laugh.

But, poor Roary still can’t roar.

A different kind of Roar

Roary moves on and meets a big boar named Bart. Unfortunately for Roary, he still can’t roar. But after talking with Bart, now Roary can … FART!

A Roaring Success

Just as Roary’s about to call it quits, he meets a colourful parrot who says, “I may be a bird-brain, but here is the thing – to strengthen your voice, you must learn how to sing.”

The parrot teaches Roary some songs that it knows. And with every new melody, Roary’s voice grows. It grows stronger and stronger until ROARR!

Roary once again shows them all who’s king of the jungle! And, when you’re the king, you can also be Choir Master.


Author: Rory H Mather

Illustrator: Patrick Corrigan

Publisher: Larrikin House Publishing

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