Character of the Week

Honouring the characters that we’ve enjoyed so much. The great characters that have taken us into their lives and shared their laughter with us.

The Gold Taco for Character of the Week goes to …

Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeon - Character of the Week

 Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

For fighting crime, keeping the streets safe and saving our butts.

But, isn’t he just a pigeon?

What? No! Don’t say such a thing. Rock pigeon is not just any pigeon, he is a crime fighting, master of disguise, REAL PIGEON! He is a pigeon with attitude who’s not afraid to take on bad guys.

Oh, cool!

We first meet Rock Pigeon in Andrew McDonald’s series Real Pigeons Fight Crime, illustrated by Ben Wood (see post here).

What’s special about Rock Pigeon?

Rock Pigeon was recruited by Grandpouter Pigeon personally, to use his amazing skills of disguise and go where no pigeon has gone before.

Rock Pigeon’s ability to transform himself into almost anything sees him as one of the great crime fighters of our generation. Not only that, he and his buddies are hilarious!

Rock Pigeon can pop up from anywhere at any time, and totally bamboozle the bad guys who want to destroy our city. We owe him a debt of gratitude. To Rock Pigeon and his buddies we say, Thanks. And, honour you with a Gold Taco.

Character of the week's Gold Taco

The Real Pigeon Architects

I suppose we should thank Rock’s transcribers too. Somehow, McDonald and Wood are always there to capture Rock and his buddies in action. It’s as though they’re crime fighters themselves. Could it be? They are always there to record things first hand, so that we’re able to see it too.

Hmm, either they’re crime fighters or they’re being tipped off about each crime. But from where?  

The mysterious team of McDonald and Wood work so well together, both the comic like illustrations and the text work to make it look so easy and such a joy to read.

They capture each mystery and divide them into very readable and funny chapters for young kids, and each with a genuine mystery to solve. Brilliant!

Where can I find out more about Rock Pigeon?

If you haven’t read any or all of Rock and his mates’ adventures, then bad luck it’s too late. You’ve missed out! Only joking, you can check out the series any time.

So far there are 3 books in the series. And you can check them out on their very own website:


Character of the week – Rock Pigeon

Author – Andrew McDonald

Illustrator – Ben Wood

Publisher – Hardie Grant Egmont

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