RODNEY FORGETS IT! A Tacos Podcast Review

Rodney Forgets It! A Tacos review


Rodney’s Back!

Only he can’t remember why! But we can. Because he’s hilarious!! Last time, Rodney Loses it. And now, he forgets it! But, what has he forgotten?


The Party of the Year!

Rodney has a habit of forgetting this and that. Like where he’s left his coffee cup, his wallet and his hat. But when he gets an invite to the party of the year, Rodney leaves himself post-it notes everywhere. And, it works! Well sort of. He’s remembered the party but he’s forgotten one very important thing. 


All You Need is Friends

Will Rodney find the party? Will he remember a present? Will he miss out on the party of the year? Or will his friends come through for Rodney?

One thing’s for sure, this surprising ending is sure to be a winner!

This is one super fun picture book by author Michael Gerard Bauer and we can’t forget Chrissie Krebs for her amazing illustrations that add so much to the humour and heart of this story. I particularly just love the look of Rodney. He’s so perfectly imagined and brought to life by the illustrator. And, his expressions throughout the book are just hilarious.

Rodney might forget things, but there’s one thing you must remember this year. Get your hands on Rodney Forgets it! I guarantee, You won’t Regrets it!





Illustrator: CHRISSIE KREBS.

Publisher: SCHOLASTIC AUST, 2023