Scaredy Bath by Zoe Foster Blake and Daniel Gray-Barnett


Scaredy Bath by Zoe Foster Blake


Scaredy Bath was terrified of bath time. Being a bath, this was a bit of a problem.


Be Brave

Scaredy Bath hated bath time. The gooey muck, the hot water, the rowdy kids. It would worry all day about the impending war zone that would come every evening.

It tried to up and leave, who can blame it, but its legs were bolted to the floor. Would this nightmare ever end?

After a pep talk from the Sink, and listening to how bad the Toilet had it, Scaredy Bath decided to be brave.

However, when the family go away on holiday, Scaredy Bath is bored and even misses the mayhem of bath time. So when they all came home, Scaredy Bath was delighted.


Explosive Ending

Just as Scaredy Bath was getting to enjoy bath time, and the splishing and splashing, Mum introduced the newest member of the family. So small and sweet and so calm. Nothing to worry about. Until … Boooom!


Sure to make a splash

Very relatable for the entire family, this is a fun book full of energy and hilarious illustrations that make you look at the humble bathtub with a little empathy.



Author: Zoe Foster Blake

Illustrator: Daniel Gray-Barnett

Publisher: Puffin Books. Penguin Random House, 2021


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