School of Monsters book cover for Hairy Sam

School of Monsters – Hairy Sam loves bread and jam

No doubt about it, School of Monsters is just the sort of beautifully designed, well-constructed, fun-filled, colourful series of books that beginning readers have been crying out for!

It’s part picture book, part chapter book, part activity book and all colour and fun. Ideal for budding readers and illustrators alike. I’ve randomly plucked Hairy Sam out of the pile for this review, but I recommend them all.

Hairy Sam likes bread and Jam

Like it? He loves it! In fact, Sam enjoys eating jam so much, he makes a sticky mess all over the school. Unfortunately, the school’s not as happy with it as Sam. So, he must find a way of cleaning all the gooey jam off himself and the school.

Meet Bob the Monster. Can he fix it? Yes … well maybe?

With the help of Bob (part dragon, part bull, part enthusiastic puppy), Sam finds a way of cleaning up his act. Or does he?

For little monsters everywhere

The experienced and Award-Winning Sally Rippin and Chris Kennett introduce beginning readers to the fun of reading through good story, fun, expression and colour. Each story is an ideal length and set out for little monsters to have a go at reading it themselves.

As well as tips and ideas on reading, there’s a fun ‘how to draw’ section where kids get to draw their favourite characters.

To me, school of monsters seems to be all about encouraging parents and kids to read together and hopefully introduce kids to a love of reading that will lead them on to a world and a lifetime of wonderful books.

School of Monsters Details:

Title: Hairy Sam Loves Bread and Jam. Part of the School of Monsters series.

Author: Sally Rippin

Illustrator: Chris Kennett

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing, 2021