Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Higgity Harbour is raining frogs! Read all about it!

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The tiny town of Higgity Harbour is raining frogs. Yes, you heard correctly. Frogs! And, if that’s not bad enough, there are alligators in backyards and the local hospital has disappeared into thin air. What is going on?

Well, it would appear that the once quiet coastal town of Higgity Harbour is under siege from a mysterious, if somewhat evil force, brought about by Sonny Fink.

Kids across the globe are right now burying their heads into this riveting book to find out why this little coastal town is under threat. Heck, this reviewer is curious too. I’ve never known a town to rain frogs, mice and alligators. This is a real mystery and I just hope that Scoop McLaren is up to finding Sonny Fink and putting a stop to all the craziness.

Who is Sonny Fink?

Sonny Fink writes an online newspaper called The Dark Times. But unlike most newspapers that report the news as it happens, Sonny Fink is predicting the news before it happens. And, what’s worse, everything that Fink is predicting (like roaming alligators) is coming true.  Could it be that the evil Fink is somehow making these horrible things happen?

Scoop McLaren is a top-notch detective editor!

Fortunately, if anyone is up to the job of catching out Sonny Fink it’s Scoop McLaren. Thirteen-year-old Henley “Scoop” McLaren has her own online newspaper called Click!. Together with her best friend, Evie, they set out to report the news of Higgity Harbour and, more importantly, solve the mystery behind it.

The curious and investigative nature of a detective editor is in Scoop’s blood. Her dad runs the local print paper, the Higgity Harbour Gazette. Scoop has been helping to report and investigate news all her life. I just hope she can get to Fink before the town is wiped off the map for good.

A peek into the exciting life of a newspaper editor

Scoop McLaren is an ideal read for mid to late primary aged kids (and the adventurous newspaper journalist in all of us) looking for a fun mystery and adventure series. Particularly as a way of introducing kids to the genre. There is a good cast of characters for the young reader to ponder over and solve the mystery. 

Another thing I love about the book is that it’s written by Helen Castles, who herself is a journalist for a real-life newspaper. Helen loves researching and chasing up a good story for her readers. At the back of the book, there is a bunch of tips and tricks to inspire budding young writers to get out there and have a go at penning their own story. This is the first in a series and I can’t wait for more. Well, only if that evil Fink doesn’t destroy them all first!


Title: Scoop McLaren Detective Editor

Author: Helen Castles

Cover Illustrations: Beatriz Castro

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing Pty Ltd

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