seal child - a taco's book review

Seal Child by Robert Vescio and Anna Pignataro

Once life was peaceful

The story starts out in amazing watercolour, as a young child plays with seashells in a colourful beachside world full of life and energy. Until …

A storm hits and the child is lost and afraid. She calls out for help, but nobody is there. Courageously, she searches for a place to call home.

She finds a young seal who’s also lost and afraid. They find comfort, hope, safety and inner strength in each other to move forward.

Hope and Friendship

The two share an amazing adventure for many days and nights travelling across seas in the daunting task of finding their families and a place to call home.

Anna Pignataro and Robert Vescio

The book and story are accompanied with the most beautiful illustrations that truly capture the essence of what is a moving story of hope and resilience. A story so relevant for today’s world.


Author: Robert Vescio

Illustrator: Anna Pignataro

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing, 2021