Somebody’s Land by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing


When the white people came,

they called the land Terra Nullius.

They said it was nobody’s land.

But it was somebody’s land.


Somebody's Land a taco's book review


It was always somebody’s land


For thousands of years, Aboriginal people lived in the land we now call Australia. This beautifully illustrated picture book brings to life the rich history of what Aboriginal people did and how they lived, loved, shared, and bonded to this land.


The Importance of Acknowledging Country


This is the perfect conversation starter to help young and old people understand the importance of acknowledging Country. That this land was never Terra Nullius. The original custodians of this land had raised generations, lived, laughed, loved, played, studied it’s wonder, and built an unbreakable bond to this breath-taking land.

It’s always been Aboriginal land and it always will be.


Author: Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing

Illustrator: David Hardy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, Australia, 2021


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